Sky Windows

You did everything well and with competence… Everybody who sees it is overwhelmed by the brilliant effect.

Fred R

Our range of Sky Windows from ACOL Skylights are as attractive aesthetically as they are in terms of lighting performance.

These well-crafted products are literally a window that can be fitted to your roof, providing amazing views to the sky above and an attractive feature for your room, particularly if you have cathedral (pitched) ceilings.

With double-glazed glass panels, argon-gas insulation systems and a range of accessories including blinds, rain sensors and remote opening mechanisms, the sky window offers much more than just a functional skylight.

  • Sky Window - fixed

    For those who want the look and performance of the sky window but don't need ventilation. These fixed sky windows look sensational and come standard with double glazing and argon gas insulation technology.

    • Australian owned and designed by ACOL Skylights.
    • Fabricated from Powder Coated, High Strength Aluminium – will not need painting or maintenance.
    • Can be installed in roofs with pitch as low as 2 degrees.
    • Windows are glazed with Viridian SmartGlass, providing exceptional solar control and insulation.


    • Blockout Blind/Shade screen.
    • Colorbond colourmatch available.
  • Sky Window - opening

    The opening sky window looks fantastic and is easily opened to allow hot air to escape and fresh air to circulate into your room. The opening mechanism can be controlled with either a telescopic rod or a remote control. Rain sensors can also be fitted to automatically close the window at the first sign of bad weather. Most opening sky windows come standard with a flyscreen and can be fitted with a number of different blinds to suit your interior.

    Supplied standard with fitted flyscreen and chain operator for simple function.
    As for fixed sky windows, and:

    • Motorised RF remote opening mechanism or manual extension rod & hook kits for out of reach windows.
    • Rain sensors.