Solar Powered

It is difficult to believe that so much natural light can flood previously dark and dull areas. We can now easily work in our office during the day without switching on lights.

R & C Ruddle

The SolarStar vent by Solatube is the ultimate in natural ventilation.

Powered by a solar panel on the vent cap, this fan will outperform many electric fans, but requires no electrical connection and will never cost you a cent to run.

Being solar-powered, this fan kicks into high gear when you need it most – the hotter and sunnier it is outside, the more this fan does to reduce the heat in your home.

  • Solar Star Ventilator

    The Solar Star is a compact and ideal ventilation solution, preventing roof heat from building up in the summer and help eliminate condensation in winter. The Solar Star has a high performing build in motor exchanging air up to 22 cm/m (cubic metres per minute) or 1320 cm/h (cubic metres per hour).

    Costs Nothing to run - EVER
    Powered by a 10 or 22 watt solar panel. This powerful roof vent system will keep your roof space ventilated, even on cloudy days.

    Up 15x better than a Whirlybird
    Most homes need 3, 4 or even 5 Whirlybird roof ventilators to effectively ventilate their roof space. Just one of our Solar Stars will do the job!

    Sleek, Slim & Silent!
    This unit will look smart on any home roof and it's whisper quiet operation, means you won't even know it's there, even at full speed

    Leak Proof
    Using a seamless, one-piece flashing, our Solar Star systems are completely leak proof once installed.


    • 10 Year warranty on roof flashing and metal ventilation components.
    • 5 Year warranty on solar panels, controllers and motor